EASIER is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to design, develop, and validate a complete multilingual machine translation system that will act as a framework for barrier-free communication among deaf and hearing individuals, as well as provide a platform to support sign language content creation.

The project foresees a strong involvement of end-users in design, development, and evaluation of the EASIER ecosystem, where users of various European sign and spoken languages will be able to use their preferred language to interact with each other.

The project concept is based on a unique combination of technological sign language resources and sign language linguistics expertise. This allows for exploitation of a robust data-driven sign language recognition engine, the incorporation of a signing avatar that integrates sign language grammar and prosody features to perform the most advanced synthetic signing currently available, as well as the state-of-the-art machine translation technology that consumes both annotated and unannotated data to deal with a wide range of use scenarios.

Marc Schulder
Marc Schulder
Research Associate in Computational Linguistics

My research interests include natural language processing, sign languages and sentiment analysis.