Marc Schulder

Marc Schulder

Research Associate in Computational Linguistics

Institute for German Sign Language, Hamburg University

About me

I am a researcher in computational linguistics. After submitting my dissertation on the bootstrapped creation of lexica for sentiment polarity shifters in early 2019, I have now moved into the field of sign language research. As part of the DGS-Korpus project I develop computational methods for the analysis, automatic classification and assisted annotation of German Sign Language (DGS). I am also involved in work on data infrastructure for the project, such as updated releases of the DGS corpus, public documentation, and implementation of the FAIR principles.

Previously I have worked on sentiment analysis, metaphor recognition, and context integration in speech recognition.

I am also the developer of BibTexNanny, a tool that helps you keep your BibTeX bibliography clean and consistent, as well as create streamlined versions of it for individual documents.

  • Sign Language Linguistics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Open Science
  • PhD in Computational Linguistics, 2019

  • MSc in Language Science and Technology, 2013

  • BSc in Computational Linguistics, 2011

Recent Publica­tions

(2022). Specification for the Harmonization of Sign Language Annotations. EASIER Deliverable D6.2.

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(2021). HamNoSys in TeX. Project Note AP06-2021-02.

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(2021). Data Statement for the Public DGS Corpus (v2). Project Note AP06-2020-01.

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(2021). Overview of Datasets for the Sign Languages of Europe. EASIER Deliverable D6.1.

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(2021). Automatic Generation of Lexica for Sentiment Polarity Shifters. In Journal of NLE.

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Research Associate
March 2019 – Present Hamburg, Germany
Doctoral Studies in Computational Linguistics
November 2013 – August 2019 Saarbrücken, Germany


Marc Schulder