Marc Schulder

Research Associate in Computational Linguistics

Institute for German Sign Language, Hamburg University

About me

I am a researcher in computational linguistics. After submitting my dissertation on the bootstrapped creation of lexica for sentiment polarity shifters in early 2019, I have now moved into the field of sign language research. As part of the DGS-Korpus project I will develop computational methods for the analysis, automatic classification and assisted annotation of German Sign Language (DGS).

Previously I have worked on sentiment analysis, metaphor recognition, and context integration in speech recognition.

I am also the developer of BibTexNanny, a tool that helps you keep your BibTeX bibliography clean and consistent, as well as create streamlined versions of it for individual documents.


  • Sign Language Linguistics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Applied Machine Learning


  • PhD in Computational Linguistics, 2019

  • MSc in Language Science and Technology, 2013

  • BSc in Computational Linguistics, 2011

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Tutorial: OpenPose for Linguists

An interactive tutorial on how to do pose detection with OpenPose.

Identifying Negation in the DGS Corpus

We present a variety of measures for identifying German Sign Language negation in the DGS corpus.

Schmerzen lindern ist gut und Hoffnung aufgeben schlecht - Automatische Klassifizierung von Polaritäts-Shiftern für Sentimentanalyse

An overview about my doctoral research on sentiment polarity shifters.



Research Associate

Institute for German Sign Language
Hamburg University

March 2019 – Present Hamburg, Germany

Doctor of Philosophy: Computational Linguistics

Department of Language Science and Technology
Saarland University

November 2013 – August 2019 Saarbrücken, Germany


Marc Schulder